The Citizens Advocacy for Social & Economic Rights (CASER) considers as shameless scapegoatism for the Delta State Government to suspend the head teacher of Okotie-Eboh Primary School in Sapele Local Government Area, Mrs. Vero Igbigwe, over the embarrassing video captured and relayed on social media regarding the state of dilapidation and decadence of the primary school.


CASER maintains that it is the officials of the Delta State Government who should be in prison for corruption and criminal neglect of the primary school, who in fact drove the poor head teacher to adopting unscrupulous means to source for school maintenance funds in such an undignified manner.

The action of the Delta state government in suspending the head teacher according to the Executive Director of the organization, Frank Tietie, can be likened to the unforgiving servant in the parable of the Lord Jesus Christ who was forgiven of a big debt only to go and send another fellow servant to prison for failing to pay a very small and insignificant debt. Can we attempt to compare the offence of the teacher to that of the political leaders and administrators of the state who have presumably stolen billions of Naira yet they are walking free and enjoying their ill gotten wealth? They are the ones to face the prosecutorial music first before the head teacher.

Whereas, the EFCC being overburdened with political matters is yet to investigate, prosecute and imprison many official thieves in Delta State who have stolen billions meant for the maintenance of public schools, it is these same officials who now want to use poor Mrs. Ibigwe as a scapegoat. This is unacceptable and must be resisted.

Whereas CASER is presently joining forces with other civil society organisations and NGOs within and outside Nigeria to expose the corruption and neglect in the management of public schools in Nigeria and, to ensure that any officials found wanting will be prosecuted particularly in Delta State, we state in emphatic terms that if by the end of 48 hours from today, the suspension of Mrs. Ibigwe is not rescinded by the Delta State Government, CASER shall make haste to compel the EFCC to arrest, investigate and prosecute the officials of the Delta State Government, beginning with the commissioner for education and many others.

Mr. Tietie said that CASER shall also begin and sustain a campaign to ensure an international travel ban against all officials of the Delta State Government for what we describe as a wicked and criminal violation of  children’s right to education in contrast with the huge financial resources available to the state.

We at CASER are of serious resolve on this matter.

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