In the last 4 years, I have been featured in many radio and television programmes, including newspaper reports wherein, I was privileged to campaign and hold views and, positions on the human rights approach to governance in general.

I set up the Citizens Advocacy for Social & Economic Rights (CASER) in 2012 to promote human rights and better living standards for the citizens of Nigeria.

I believe, by now, many more citizens, more than ever before are now conscious of their human rights and would on their own, take such steps to actualize their legal and human rights.

Where necessary, I shall continue to render assistance to special groups of persons especially the poor, widows, girls and the physically handicapped, in their quest to enforce their rights, especially human rights.

In 2019, my focus will be on guiding businesses and organizations in the application of human rights principles and standards in order not just to maximize their profits but to help them boost their production efficiency, avoid unnecessary litigations and sustain a positive corporate, social image attached  to their goods and services.

I have concluded plans to offer the above services for fees subject to agreement after negotiations. To that effect, the said services will be provided by a registered business in the name and style known as Frank Tietie Consult.

Much of what my human rights business will be offering to companies and organizations in Nigeria and abroad, is packaged as Human Rights Due Diligence Services (HRDDS) which include an overall examination of the operations of businesses and organizations as they impact on human rights, the community and the need for sustainable profits.

The goal is to reduce conflicts businesses face and work to improve the living standards of the citizens who are the primary consumers of the goods and services produced by businesses.

I shall also engage in paid seminars, workshops and public speaking sessions covering subject matters such as the impact of business and human rights and efforts required in building healthy communities.

I hereby declare that 40% of all profits from this human rights business venture of mine  will be donated to support the human rights promotional work of CASER.

Frank Tietie

Lawyer, Owner of Frank Tietie Consult & Executive Director, Citizens Advocacy for Social & Economic Rights

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