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Citizens Advocacy for Social & Economic Rights (CASER) was formed in 2012 and incorporated under the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to promote human rights and better living standards for citizens of Nigeria.

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To improve the living standards of Nigerian Citizens by adopting the human rights based approach and a people oriented social action with direct engagement of institutions, structures, systems and cultures.

Modus Operandi

Strategic Public Interest Litigation Media Advocacy Institutional Engagement Community Mobilization Human Rights Education

Operational Scope

The entire Federal Republic of Nigeria, particularly and the international community

Legal Status

Legal Status
Incorporated Trustees Registration Number:-CAC/IT/NO 68590
Corporate Affairs Commission

Tax Identification Number:
Federal Inland Revenue Service

Special Control Unit Against Money Laundering (SCUML) Registration Number: SC151401014
Economic & Financial Crimes Commission

CASER observes the provisions of the Code of Corporate Governance for Not – For- Profit Organizations (NfPOs) made pursuant to the Financial Reporting Council Act, 2011

Strategic Public Interest Litigation

Strategic Public Interest Litigation
Law Courts are the most portent instruments in ensuring freedom from human rights violations, enjoyment of civil liberties with transparency and accountability in governance. CASER has conducted over 25 public interest cases which include:

Case Studies

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Human Rights Education

One of the main objectives of CASER is to carry out human rights education.
In addition to the daily Human Rights Education segment on the Omnibus Human Rights Show on Love 104.5 FM, Abuja, CASER offers a Six Monthly Internship programme in Human FrightsAdvocacy for various categories of persons including lawyers, journalists, teachers etc, CASER has also sponsored the research on the “Enforceable Human Rights in Nigeria”

Institutional Engagement

CASER recognises the important role of state institutions in ensuring social and economic development.  CASER engages these institutions in collaborative efforts mainly to achieve standards in public service delivery. Where necessary also, CASER has held these institutions accountable in terms of compliance to statutory functions and budget performance.

CASER has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the National Human Rights Commission(NHRC) to promote amongst other themes, the observation and enforcement of economic, social and cultural rights (ESCR) in Nigeria.CASER has participated in a number of NHRC programmes and was a member of the Validation Team of the National Action Plan on Business and Human Rights (NAPBHR) in Nigeria.

Media Advocacy

CASER adopted the use of the mass media to carry out targeted advocacy in  the promotion and protection of human rights particularly Economic, Social & Cultural Rights (ESCR) in Nigeria. The goal is to carry out effective human rights education using trending issues in the media.

CASER has entered into partnerships with the O & M Show on Africa Independent Television (AIT) and the Management of Crowther Radio Love 104,5 FM to promote human rights related programming.

Community Mobilization

CASER activism is people centred and aims at mobilizing members of various local groups and communities to engage with the law, institutions and operators of government at all levels in order to ensure that they enjoy the dividends of good governance.

CASER programme, Budget WatchNigeria, encourages citizens are to demand for transparency, accountability in the implementation of the budget of both Federal and State governments.


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