About Us

Citizens Advocacy for Social & Economic
Rights (CASER) was formed in 2012 and
incorporated under the laws of the Federal
Republic of Nigeria to promote human
rights and better living standards for
citizens of Nigeria.

To improve the living standards of
Nigerian Citizens by adopting the human
rights based approach and a people
oriented social action with direct
engagement of institutions, structures,
systems and cultures.

Modus Operandi
Strategic Public Interest Litigation
Media Advocacy
Institutional Engagement
Community Mobilization
Human Rights Education
Operational Scope
The entire Federal Republic of Nigeria,
particularly and the international

Legal Status
Incorporated Trustees Registration
Number:- CAC/IT/NO 68590
Corporate Affairs Commission
Tax Identification Number:
Federal Inland Revenue Service
Special Control Unit Against Money
Laundering (SCUML) Registration
Number: SC151401014
Economic & Financial Crimes Commission
CASER observes the provisions of the Code of Corporate Governance for Not – ForProfit Organizations (NfPOs) made pursuant to the Financial Reporting Council Act, 2011